Friday, November 21, 2014

Me Time

Do you make time for yourself?  You are just as important as everyone else that you make time for.  Maybe even more so.  It is hard to juggle our crazy lives and most of the time our needs come absolutely last.  

When our needs are not been fulfilled it can cause us stress and maybe even resentment.  So why not schedule time for yourself?  Having a little Me Time always makes me feel giddy and recharges my batteries.  This is the time that I indulge in what I want to do!  Through the wonderful ladies in my Collaborating For Excellence group, I learned that I need to schedule time for myself.  Add allotted time right to my calendar just like it was an important meeting or appointment. 

You are important!  There is only one of you.  Celebrate that.

I have decided that my Me Time is going to by Friday Flick night.  Friday nights I am going to rent a movie that I want to see and snuggle in with my blanket and my dog and just veg out in front of the TV.  It doesn't matter if the movie is cheesy, sappy, scary or whatever; because it is only me and there is no one around to judge.  Except maybe the dog, but thankfully she is unable to speak.

What do you do for your Me Time?