Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Card Challenge

Every year I say I am going to send out handmade Christmas cards and every year I do not send out handmade Christmas cards.  

I always wait until November and think I am going to pop out 50 cards before December 1st. 

Yep! I am very good at setting myself up for failure, but this year, this golden year of 2015, I have finally figured it out.
*drum roll*  I am going to make one Christmas card a week.

I know!  Genius right?
This is where I get out all my fingers and toes and do the math.  (Math and I are not friends).  1 card a week x 52 weeks in a year = 52 cards!
I have 7 whole days to come up with one Christmas card.  Easy peasy!

dut-dut-dut-da-da-da...Christmas card #1

Stay tuned for 51 more Christmas cards.   (Too scary!)
Stay tuned for another Christmas card next week.  (Ah, much better)

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