Saturday, July 11, 2015

Story Time #1

Today I am introducing Story Time.  The Wisconsin winters could be really long and the hubby and I would occasionally write short stories on these cold, long winter nights.  I would find a few words from an online random word generator and we would both come up with a story that included these random words.

It would be so fun to see how different our stories would be and to see where our imaginations would take us.

I am going to do a short story today to spark my creativity as I have so many projects I want to do I am not sure where to start.  I need to get the creativity brewing!

I went online to Creative Random Word Generator and generated the following 4 words.

da da duh [Law & Order music]  Here is my story*:

I am 43 years old and I travel everywhere on a skateboard.  Many people believe that I am way too old to travel by skateboard, but I think they are just jealous of my hot pink skateboard with electric blue glitter stars with rad color changing light up wheels.

I believe they have a paranoia that my eclectic and carefree style will corrupt the masses and soon everyone will be doing crazy and fun things.  Oh, the horror!  Pssh, I think it would do some people good to lighten up and do something crazy fun.

The other day I was skateboarding in the park and I saw this sweet handrail and I decided to attempt a railslide.  I had never done this before, but I had seen it done on TV many times; so really, how hard could it be?  I made the jump and got myself and the skateboard on the rail and things were going fab until I lost my balance and went ass over tea kettle on the sidewalk.

I laid there quite awhile looking up at the puffy white clouds, and brilliant blue sky until the stars swimming before my eyes went away.  I slowly began to take inventory of my body parts to make sure they were all still working.  I had only taken inventory of one arm from fingers to shoulder, when I felt something wet on my back.  At that moment I decided that my body inventory could wait until I figured out what I was lying on.  Eww! Eww! Eww!  I landed in a wad of spit!  I would have rather have broken a bone then landed in spit!

I quickly picked myself up and dusted myself off.  I only had minor scrapes and bruises and for my 1st attempt at railsliding that was not too shabby! I decided that in the future I should do a little more research on skateboarding techniques before attempting them for the first time.  

*This story is completely fictional and made up.

I challenge you to write a short story using the 4 words above.  If you like, you can leave a comment with a link to your blog with your version of Story Time #1 or email your story to, please put Story Time #1 in the subject line.