Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Gnomist

I came across this article about The Gnomist and it absolutely moved me to tears.  We all cope with life the best way we know how and at times we may feel so utterly alone.  

This is a story of how one woman started something inspirational and magical to help cope with things in her life and how she affected others.

This is a beautiful example of how ones actions can cause a ripple effect and touch so many lives.  

Be conscious of your thoughts and actions. 
Make a positive impact on the world. 
We could all use a little love, compassion & kindness.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Lighthouse & Fairy House

I wanted to show you the delightful Lighthouse and Fairy House that Hubby made and surprised me with in September.  I didn't post them right away because we have been looking for a "tenant" for the fairy house.  

We noticed that we actually have a "tenant" in our Lighthouse.  We have seen him here the past few days and we are glad he has found a home in our Lighthouse.  I love watching the little lizards and I am especially glad that he eats bugs and SPIDERS!  Maybe we should give him a name.

My Mom suggested that while I looked for the perfect "tenant" for our Fairy House that it would be cute to put out a "For Rent" sign on the door.

This past week I got this tiny "For Rent" sign in the mail from my Aunt Bev.  I am not sure if she and Mom plotted together to find the "For Rent" sign while Mom was out there visiting, but I think this sign is absolutely adorable!

So, if you know of any Fairies looking for a place to live, let them know we have a place available.

Love & Laughter!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

As promised, here are some finished pictures of our Christmas tree.  I am still in a bit of shock that I got all the ornaments and tree topper done and it is still BEFORE Christmas! 
This will go down as one of my great accomplishments of 2015!

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Star Ornaments and Tree Topper

Here are the final ornaments that I made.  I do have ideas for more ornaments, but I need to cut myself off or I will not get anything else done.  I have been sucked into Ornament Making World!  Send reinforcements!

Star ornaments and tree topper made out of toilet paper rolls.  I flattened the toilet paper roll and cut into 1/2 inch strips.  I then glued the strips in a form of a star.  After the glue dried, I spray painted the stars white.  After the paint dried, I sprayed them with glue adhesive and sprinkled glitter on them to give them a little sparkle.  This, too, was an inspiration from Pinterest!

What do you think?

For the tree topper I just kept gluing the strips until I was satisfied with how it looked.

After I took the picture I hot glued a strip/circle on the back so I could slide the tree topper over the top of the tree.

I will post pictures of the completed Christmas tree very soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Planter Box Centerpiece

I am so excited!  Hubby got my planter box centerpiece done today!  I wanted a planter box so I could change out the decorations for the seasons and as a focal point for our freshly painted dining room table.

Let me tell you Hubby exceeded my expectations!  He made this planter box so that it has two ways to use it.  One side the box is 1 inch deep....

And when you flip it over the box is 2 inches deep....

I thought this was absolutely genius and I loved the fact that he made it out of old barn wood.

I added a burlap runner to the table and filled up the planter box with greenery, poinsettias, a mason jar with a candle and 2 cute birds and wah lah our Christmas centerpiece...

I can't wait to decorate this adorable box for other seasons!

Candy Cane Ornaments

Yesterday we went and got our tree and yes we got a real tree and I am a very happy girl.

The tree is still a work in progress and I will post pictures when it is completed, but here are the candy cane ornaments that I made for our tree. Again, my inspiration came from Pinterest.

I went to the dollar store and bought plastic candy canes which come in a pack of 6.

I then wrapped them in fabric strips.  The picture doesn't show it very well, but both the gray and white fabric have a snowflake design.

I also decorated our dining room table.

I picked up the birds last year at Target, because I thought they were adorable and reminded me of Ernie and me because we both actually have hats like these birdies.  I picked up a bunch of Poinsettias from At Home [1st time visit to At Home and OMG! I love that store!] and the greenery is from our tree. 

Now I am off to work on some more ornaments...

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

You are not going to believe this but I found some ornaments on Pinterest, of all places, that I just adore.  Yep you guessed it, I decided to make some for our tree.

99% of our Christmas decorations did not make the move from Wisconsin to Georgia, so we are starting completely over.  Technically, this is our 2nd Christmas in Georgia, but since this was our Christmas tree last year...

We definitely need some Christmas tree accessories.

In our defense, we lived in an apartment and really did not have storage for all the Christmas paraphernalia.  We now live in a house and I have the perfect spot in front of the window and by the fire place for a tree.

I am pining [pun totally intended] for a real Christmas tree this year.  The smell of a fresh Christmas tree and a crackling fire just makes me giddy.

And to really get the Christmas smell, I made these Cinnamon Stick Ornaments for the tree.  They smell SO good!

By the way, the dining room table I just painted makes an excellent backdrop for my photos!

I have more ornaments in the works and hopefully we will have our tree and tree accessories this weekend so I can put up the decorations as I make them. I will post pictures of the other ornaments as I get them done.

Shelly the Scrooge is totally getting into the Christmas Spirit this year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Garage Sale Table and Chairs Redo

In April while hitting some garage sales with a couple of friends, we came across a dining room table and chairs for a steal.  

Side bar: Above is the grammatically correct version to which I would typically say that I went garage saleing. I know that saleing is not a word in the real world, however, it is a word in Shelly World. My education from Toastmasters has made me acutely aware of grammar, but sometimes I just gotta be me.

I was very skeptical of buying this dining room set because it really needed some love to get it back to it's glory days.  We actually left the garage sale and after I thought about it a little longer we went back and picked this set up for $50.00. 

When I looked past the scratches, dings and the chair seats that desperately needed recovering, I could see that this was very sturdy furniture.  I figured with a little TLC that we could make this work.

Here are the before pictures:

I loved that this table had a leaf that folded up and slid under the table top! I would probably only use the leaf when we had company over so the leaf would typically get stored in a closet.  Extra bonus: More closest space!

I decided to paint the table and chairs with chalk paint because from what I had read it would not be necessary to strip or sand the furniture before painting.  

I had never used chalk paint before and on top of never using chalk paint before I decided to make my own chalk paint because Pinterest said I could.  You know everything on the internet is true, right?

Well in this case, it worked out very well for me.  I was able to make the chalk paint the consistency that I wanted and it took a couple of coats but it covered fabulously!  I decided not to distress this time and I figured if I wanted to change the color in the future I could distress it then and it would have a nice white undercoat.

Here are the after pictures:

My Aunt Bev helped me cover the chairs...OK she covered the chairs while I watched, but I picked out the material.  Isn't it cute?  Aunt Bev also helped me get the chairs all painted and I am so grateful to her for all her help!  I think this project would still be collecting dust if she hadn't helped me get it started.  Love you Aunt Bev!

Stay tuned for the centerpiece for the table that I have requested the hubby to make for me....