Friday, December 11, 2015

Lighthouse & Fairy House

I wanted to show you the delightful Lighthouse and Fairy House that Hubby made and surprised me with in September.  I didn't post them right away because we have been looking for a "tenant" for the fairy house.  

We noticed that we actually have a "tenant" in our Lighthouse.  We have seen him here the past few days and we are glad he has found a home in our Lighthouse.  I love watching the little lizards and I am especially glad that he eats bugs and SPIDERS!  Maybe we should give him a name.

My Mom suggested that while I looked for the perfect "tenant" for our Fairy House that it would be cute to put out a "For Rent" sign on the door.

This past week I got this tiny "For Rent" sign in the mail from my Aunt Bev.  I am not sure if she and Mom plotted together to find the "For Rent" sign while Mom was out there visiting, but I think this sign is absolutely adorable!

So, if you know of any Fairies looking for a place to live, let them know we have a place available.

Love & Laughter!