Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fridge Vision Board

This weekend Hubby & I have been talking about goals - financial goals, personal goals and professional goals.  There was a lot of information, ideas and inspiration flying around.  

Of course, with my "oh look, butterfly!" syndrome it is imperative that I have some sort of organization for all these thoughts.  

I currently have an everyday journal, creative ideas journal, an art journal and a business idea journal.  I am starting my own little library of ideas and if I ever have to bail in a hurry I may need a wheelbarrow for all my journals.

As much as I love journals, it isn't always the best way to stay focused. The cover of a journal can be closed and the journal can be stuffed on a shelf and the information & inspirations are then held hostage until the journal is picked up again and the cover is opened.   Aw, poor little guy!  I bet he gets lonely.

And then a wonderful "ah-ha" moment came to me this morning; vision board!

Since, I did not have a financial goals journal started yet.  I decided to make our financial goals/desires into a vision board.  I wanted this vision board to be something that I could add and take off goals as they came to fruition and I wanted it to be somewhere that Hubby & I could both see it on a daily basis.  Being the foodies that we are, it seemed the refrigerator was the most logical spot for us.

My first thought was I need to go buy a magnetized cork board for the fridge and some super cute push pins. And then I realized how silly it was that I thought I needed to run to the store and buy something to display my financial goals/desires.  Whoa!  Hello Irony! How you been?

So I used my creative super powers and came up with another option with the items I had on hand.  All I needed was duct tape, double sided tape and some cut out or printed images.  Voila!  Fridge Vision Board was done in 20 minutes.

I made a frame with silver glitter duct tape, cut out images that I printed and slapped some double sided tape on the back of the images.  I also wrote the date that I added them to the vision board on the back of the images.  I thought it would be fun to see what the time frame was to accomplish our goals.

Now, before we head out of the house we will see these images and that will encourage us and help us be mindful of our goals.