Monday, February 15, 2016

Repurposed Plant Stand

Our latest project was all Hubby's idea. We were at a garage sale and he saw these plant stands and had a great idea to make them into bar stools for our garage.

In case you didn't believe that Hubby really existed; he is in this picture at the very top.

We bought swivel plates and he constructed a base out of plywood and metal braces.  I painted the plywood black so it blended with the plant stand frame and he cut out the padding for the stools.  

Being that these are just for our garage Hubby suggested that we use some old denim jeans for the bar stool covers.  Perfect!  We got rid of a pair of old jeans and the seat covers will be durable covers for the garage.

Here is the finished project.  And they swivel!

I am so proud of him for using his creativity and thinking outside the box and coming up with a couple of unique bar stools!

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