Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring/Summer Planter Box Decor

Not only am I crazy craft lady, but I am a crazy and cheap craft lady too.

I was so excited when hubby made me my Planter Box so I could decorate for all the seasons.

I didn't want to spend oodles of money or have to store a lot of decor, so I decided to challenge myself to decorate it as cheap as possible with things that I can either reuse or recycle and also use for future seasons.

Here is what I came up with for Spring/Summer planter box decor and it cost under $15.00!

The greenery was the most expensive item but I even got a deal on that because Michael's had 40% off some of their floral items.  So I paid a whopping $11.89 for a 6 foot garland that I will be able to reuse in the future.  

I walked out into my backyard and picked up a bunch of pine cones off the ground and spray painted them with spray paint I had on hand. Good thing I had some good taste at some point and had some fun colors on hand..LOL

I saw pine cones painted to look like Zinnias on Pinterest and I thought it was a very clever idea.  

Hubby was very happy that I was picking up pine cones in the backyard. He thought I was helping with the yard work.  He was very disappointed when I only picked up what I needed and then ran off to start spray painting.

I also picked up 2 bunches of the white flowers for filler at the Dollar Tree.

The total this project cost me was $14.72 with tax!  Pretty sweet project at a pretty sweet price!

Thanks for stopping by!