Thursday, May 19, 2016

Weeds are Flowers Too

I get excited about all the pretty "flowers" that pop in our lawn.  My husband, who has a degree in Agriscience, does not share my enthusiasm.  He knows they are weeds.  I know they are pretty.  We agree to disagree.

When I came upon my hubby working on his latest project in the garage I was immediately struck with an idea that would make us both happy with the weeds vs. flowers debate.

I had no idea what he had planned for his project or if he had made it for someone, but I was determined to make it mine.

I carefully hedged my hubby and asked "What are you making?"
He said, " I am not sure.  I am just using up some scrap wood I have laying around."
I immediately asked, " Can I have it?!?"
He gave me a strange look and said, "It isn't finished yet.  I was going to put a bottom on it and maybe a top."
"NO! I want it just like it is." I exclaimed, "I have an idea!"

My hubby really is quite unflappable, but I am pretty sure nothing scares him more than when I utter the words "I have an idea!"

Lucky for him, my idea was not outrageous this time.

This is what Hubby was working on...

My idea was to use it as a flower box to put around the mailbox so I could plant my "flowers".  In which I mean, I wanted to plant wildflowers which equates to weeds in Hubby's world.   I figure it was a win for both of us.  My soul would no longer die a tiny death as I watched hubby mow over the "flowers" in the yard and he would be happy that he could mow all the weeds except the ones that are contained in the flower box.

Of course, I had to paint the flower box.  I think it is a genuine impossibility for me to not paint or stain raw wood.  At first I was thinking of painting it in a rainbow of bright pastel colors or maybe something with polka dots.  

Hubby says, "Does everything have to be so colorful?"  At first, I was aghast with this question.  No color?!?  It just seemed so wrong!

I let his question simmer in my mind and I decided to take it as a challenge.
Was it really possibly for me to make something that didn't look like a rainbow threw up on it or that it possibly just escaped from a circus?!?  Hmmm.....

Challenge accepted.

My other go to if it isn't bright and perky is to go to the other extreme...weathered and a bit shabby.

With some paint and stain I gave this flower box a weather looked.  
It will make upkeep at lot easier too since it will be...well...out in the weather and will inevitably take some wear and tear from the elements.  I have to admit that Hubby may be right with not going full blast color on the flower box. In the end, I think the flowers are going to add all the color for me.

Here is Flower Box filled with dirt and wildflower seeds just hanging out with his pal Mailbox waiting to bloom!  Of course, I am out there daily checking to see if the seeds have sprouted yet.  Patience is so NOT my thing.

Stay tuned for progress pictures of the Wildflowers. 
 I am so excited to see them in full bloom!