Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rock Garden Art

One of the staples in our garage is spray paint!  I love spray paint!  One of the 1st things I did when we moved from an apartment to a house was buy some spray paint.  We now had a yard and a garage with plenty of room and ventilation to spray paint things!  Game on!

I love how a coat of spray paint can make something dingy and old look new and colorful again.  Even the names of the colors are delicious:  Key Lime, Real Orange, Seaside, Grape, Lemon Grass & Lagoon.

The list is endless of the things I have spray painted.  I even spray paint rocks! I have a few different ideas for my spray painted rocks but here is a piece of garden art I did over the weekend.

The board I used was a freebie that the neighbor left lying in our yard after he put a new board in his fence.  Bonus! I dry brushed it with some white paint and used Strong Stik adhesive by Dap to adhere the rocks.  The stem is a piece of clear tubing that was leftover from our waterline on our fridge.  I spray painted that too and adhered it with E6000 glue.  Oh and after I painted the rocks and the tubing I also sprayed them with a matte clear coat to help them stand up to the elements.

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