Monday, July 4, 2016

Handmade Card - FUN

Confession time:  I have an obsession with cutting out words and pictures out of magazines and newspapers.

It is true.  When I do sit down in front of the TV, I usually have a magazine, scissors and my word sorter.  I use these images and words in my art journals, but I have been so busy with making cards, yard work and other projects that I haven't found the time to work on art journaling.  

Since my clipping collection is getting massive, I decided that I would try incorporating some clippings in some of the card making that I do.

Let me tell you that was FUN!  Like...literally.

After I assembled the card, I realized that I should have taken a picture of the clippings so you could see how I arranged them.  I will try and break it down. 

I put a black mat around the word "fun" that I clipped out of a magazine and added it on top of the colorful clipping that I used as a background on the card.  I then added the word "have" to the "fun" matting and the number 17 in the corner. 

I created an arrow with a clipping and the corner of the black paper I used for the matting.   This card is for our nephew who will be turning 17 this month.  I always struggle with coming up with ideas for teenagers...especially teenage boys but I am loving how this card turned out.  I am also thrilled to be able to use some of my clippings instead of just hoarding them.

Thanks for stopping by!