Thursday, September 29, 2016

Story Time #2

Time to dust off your keyboard and get your creative juices flowing because it is story time!   I can't wait to read your short story!

Writing Challenge: Write a short story using the 5 words below.

You can either post your short story in the comments below 
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Rules:  Please keep the story clean-ish.

Here is my short story:

I was envisioning an agonizingly long waiting room experience where all I could do was sit and watch my anxiety fester and grow with each ticking of the clock.  I knew once I was in that doctor’s office what was going to happen next.  He would smile at me and say “You are going to feel a sharp pain and then it will all be over with.”
Then he would jam a 6 foot needle into my arm so hard that the tip of the needle would scrape against the bone in my arm.  Well, that is what my imagination conjured up as to what it would be like if I had to go in for a tetanus shot.
Oh no!  Not going to happen!  A tremor of excitement rippled through me when I realized my search was over.  Da-ta-da-da! A hammer!
It was time to show my muscular strength and diy skills.  That protruding, sharp, rust covered nail was not going to be the death of me!  It was hammertime!  Oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh!  I then proceeded to try and dance like MC Hammer.  Now that just might get me a hospital visit!
With just one WHACK, I dispersed the horrifying images of a doctor visit that my vivid imagination conjured and drove that menacing nail back into its place.  That nail would no longer be a threat to my soft, unprotected flesh or my insurance policy!