Monday, September 19, 2016

Why Do I Blog?

It has been almost 2 years since I have started this blog.  2 years!   This really blows my mind because I am not one to stick to one thing for any length of time.  I am flighty and easily distracted. Oh look! My favorite!  A butterfly!  I have to give myself kudos because 2 years at sticking with something is HUGE for me.

So there is something here.  There is a reason that I have stuck with Percolating Spark even if I haven’t fully realized the reason yet.

My intention when I first started blogging was to inspire, share and encourage creativity.  If I am being completely honest with myself I have been doing more sharing than inspiring or encouraging.  This blog has just been Meh.   

Truth is, I have just been sharing fluff and not anything personal.  I was scared to let the woman behind the curtain be seen.  I wanted to be seen as the Great and Powerful Ozzette where everything is perfect and I could control how others saw me.  Well, of course, that is boring!  People want to see the good, bad & ugly, otherwise, why the hell would reality TV be so popular? 

Well, my friends stay tuned for changes.  Now don’t panic.  I am not going to be giving a blow by blow on my meals and bowel movements for the day…only my closest friends get that privilege.  I will, however, give this blog the fun and personality it is so craving.

I have decided to take a break from being on the design team for Hiding In My Craft Room.   I will still be making cards just not on a weekly basis. Being on HIMCR design team was a wonderful opportunity for me to challenge myself and was such a fun experience.  I loved that a group of us were given an image and theme and we had to come up with a card.  It thrilled me to see the different techniques, colors, and creative expressions that the other design team members came up with.  

I am enamored with challenging ourselves to see things differently. That is why I want to change my focus to art journaling, repurposed art and writing challenges. I would like to share thoughts about our creative journey and do creative challenges so that we can explore and brew creativity.  But most of all have some FUN!